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All across this country in small towns, rural areas and cities, alcoholism and drug abuse are destroying the lives of men, women and their families. Where to turn for help? What to do when friends, dignity and perhaps employment are lost?

The answer is Palm Partners Treatment Center. It’s a proven path to getting sober and staying sober.

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There is relatively new evidence that strongly suggests the profound role that heredity plays in alcoholism and drug addiction, challenging what was once thought and accepted. As well, there are also many indications that addiction is also a biochemical disorder.

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Traditional therapies and recovery programs don’t necessarily address the biological and genetic aspects of addiction. The physically- and mood-related symptoms that are brought about by the chemical disruption in the brain from substance abuse, such as cravings, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability, require specific treatment.

A new approach in addiction recovery involves treating the physical aspects of the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Treatment that addresses the physical nature of addiction is called biochemical restoration, or biochemical recovery. Here at Palm Partners, we incorporate tried-and-true methods of treatment as well as cutting-edge science and technology when it comes to treating patients holistically. And so, it only makes sense that we are now offering biochemical recovery as an integrated part of our program to promote healing and recovery so that our patients physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is restored.

The Benefits of Biochemical Recovery
Biochemical recovery can quickly reduce drug cravings, cravings for carbohydrates, anxiety, depression, and even physical pain. The use of biochemical treatment can also combat the symptoms of malnourishment and poor health – two conditions that tend to plague people who have recently ended their active addiction.

While reducing all the bad stuff, biochemical recovery also increases a lot of the good stuff: feelings of well-being, self-control, energy levels, clarity of thinking (focus and concentration), and overall peace of mind.

Biochemical Recovery: “Nutraceuticals”
The term nutraceutical was originally coined in 1989 by Dr. Stephen L. DeFelice, founder and chairman of the Foundation of Innovation Medicine (FIM), Crawford, New Jersey. The term nutraceutical is a combination of the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical.”

The Origins of Nutraceuticals
Although it sounds like a new science, biochemical restoration and the use of what we now call nutraceuticals is actually ancient medicine. Old World civilizations such as the ancient Sumerians, Indians, Egyptians, and Chinese have been utilizing nutraceuticals because they recognized food as medicine. One example of this is a quote by Hippocrates, who is considered be the father of Western medicine. He said “Let food be thy medicine.”

Today’s modern nutraceutical market began developing and flourishing in Japan during the 1980s. Whereas in ancient times, healers used natural herbs and spices, the contemporary nutraceutical industry has grown to incorporate modern technology because of all of the scientific discoveries and advancements in technology and medicine.

Specifically, recent developments in nutraceutical agents at the cellular level have researchers and medical practitioners developing blueprints for assessing and incorporating information from clinical studies that have been conducted on alternative therapies into responsible medical practices. A great example of this is the use of nutraceuticals in addiction treatment. This is cutting edge stuff and Palm Partners has their finger on the pulse of this exciting development in nutritional therapy and health.

Nutraceuticals and Palm Partners
Do you suffer from irritability, hyper moods, insomnia, anxiousness or attacks of anxiousness, or low body temperatures?

Your over-active nervous system may be deficient in certain stress-calming amino acids. These stress hormones can be restored by supplementing the body and brain through the use of nutraceuticals. As human beings, we experience emotional stress and as addicts and alcoholics in recovery, we are at an increased risk of experiencing emotional stress (the bad kind of stress). This is important to keep in mind because it depletes our nutrients (the “good stuff”) and creates more toxins (the “bad stuff”).

What we mean by “bad stress” is that it’s the kind of stress that increases the body’s metabolism by activating the fight or flight autonomic nervous system. When that happens, the body uses up available nutrients faster thus decreasing the overall supply and it creates more metabolic waste products thus adding to the total toxic load.

The nutraceutical program at Palm Partners helps to correct these imbalances, which can help support the journey to lasting recovery. While in our care, clients are offered healthy and nutritionally balanced meals and are encouraged to take our proprietary vitamin and nutritional supplements daily in order to restore the proper brain chemistry balances and rebuild the cellular body.

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