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Jonny Craig- Sobriety or Subsisting? [caption id="attachment_12864" align="aligncenter" width="432"][/caption] Jonny Craig is an amazing vocalist, an awesome artist who has been part of many bands including Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, his own solo project and now his newest group Slaves. In the past few years... Learn More
Why Addicts Can’t Afford to Be Spiritually Sick A lot of people who are in recovery from addiction have found a solution that emphasizes the importance of spirituality. Programs such as 12 step recovery fellowships stress the importance of being spiritually fit because it leads to an overall... Learn More
West Palm Beach Drug Rehab West Palm Beach Drug Rehab: Treatment Programs For anyone struggling with substance abuse or drug and alcohol addiction, West Palm Beach drug rehab is an incredible opportunity, which provides you with options and different styles of safe and effective treatment... Learn More
Delray Beach Drug Rehab Delray Beach drug rehab is a type of medical care that specializes in treating substance abuse and addiction issues, which are both officially recognized as chronic medical conditions. Substance abuse and addiction go beyond physical dependence on a substance; they... Learn More
5 Drugs That Can Make You UGLY [caption id="attachment_12807" align="aligncenter" width="357"] image via:[/caption] You’ve heard the horror stories of how drugs can affect your health and your appearance so some of this information might sound familiar and some might be surprising. The fact is, drugs take... Learn More

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