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Rehab for Marijuana Addiction Laugh if you must but, more and more people are seeking rehab for marijuana addiction. Among its users, marijuana is generally considered harmless – and now more than ever, what with the legalization of medical marijuana and even recreational use... Learn More
Deadly Drug Combo: Alcohol and Energy Drinks Author: Justin Mckibben First off, the title of this article probably catches a few people’s attention simply for the fact that it refers to alcohol as a drug, and even more so because it implies energy drinks are a drug.... Learn More
Synthetic ‘Cloud 9’ Causing Serious Controversy Author: Justin Mckibben Synthetic drugs have become a considerably relevant issue in recent years, with everything from the drug Kratom to Spice, these chemical cocktails are designed to fly under the radar while being solicited to teens as a quick... Learn More
No Folks, Marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug  By Cheryl Steinberg Being less of an alcohol fan and more a certified pothead (in my using days, that is), I was always annoyed by the people who would go around saying that marijuana is a gateway drug; that it... Learn More
Who’s Taking What Drugs, Globally Speaking By Cheryl Steinberg Did you know that analyzing waste water – yes, what you flush when you use the bathroom – can reveal what drugs are popular in your corner of the world? Gross – yet interesting. When you take... Learn More
Is Tramadol Safe for People in Recovery?   By Cheryl Steinberg I just celebrated two years of sobriety, being clean and sober from all mood and mind-altering substances, save for caffeine and nicotine (nicotine-free now for 6 months). In my addiction, I used and abused anything I... Learn More
Alarming Top 10% in American Alcohol Use Author: Justin Mckibben Some Americans go home after a long day, and tend to ‘unwind’ by having a glass of wine with dinner. Just that one glass would put someone in the top 30% of American adults in terms of... Learn More
Ketamine Chemical Might Help Defeat Depression Author: Justin Mckibben The fight against depression and other mental health and behavioral disorders if one that is constantly changing, and while new innovations are made offering new hope, some may appear more questionable, and maybe even more harmful than... Learn More
Operation Grow4Vets hosts Free Cannabis Giveaway Author: Justin Mckibben In Colorado the legalization of marijuana has already gained massive media attention, and a lot about the lives of the general public has already changed as a result of this new and liberal approach to dealing with... Learn More

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