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Big Pharma Propaganda: How Drug Companies Feed the Crisis Author: Justin Mckibben Overprescribing of powerful prescription medications is just one part of how the current American opioid crisis came to be. While incredibly dangerous synthetic drugs like fentanyl came pouring in from across the globe, the pharmaceutical industry right... Learn More
1 Out of 12 Doctors Get Incentives from Opioid Makers Author: Shernide Delva Free lunches? Airfare? Complementary drinks? These are just a few of the incentives doctors have received from prescription opioid companies. Did these goodies get you your last opioid prescription? Could incentives be responsible for our current opioid... Learn More
Delray Beach Suing Big Pharma Opioid Manufacturers Author: Justin Mckibben Big Pharma has been called out several times in the past couple years for pricing, aggressive marketing and misrepresenting their products. Big Pharma companies have also been called to court a few times for the contribution prescription... Learn More
Is Suboxone Safe? Author: Justin Mckibben Suboxone is a medication meant to treat opiate and opioid withdrawal. It is one of two forms of the medication buprenorphine, which is an opiate agonist originally developed to treat pain problems. Suboxone works by binding to opiate receptors in... Learn More

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