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Shopping Robot Buys Drugs Online Author: Justin Mckibben I have written before about how technology these days seems to be developing new and creative ways to innovate and enable the drug market for people. It’s like every time we turn around there’s news about the... Learn More
Is 6% of the World Addicted to the Internet? [caption id="attachment_14577" align="aligncenter" width="441"] via[/caption] Author: Justin Mckibben More and more these days we see it; people engrossed in their smartphone walking down the street, or even more dangerous, driving. I am honestly guilty of it myself. We find... Learn More
3 Most Socially Accepted Addictions Author: Justin Mckibben Human beings are wired to seek pleasure, so is it any wonder that we become habitually hooked on behaviors and substances that provide us with a quick dose of that ‘feel good’ stimulation. Probably all of us... Learn More
Higher Risk of Internet Addiction for the Highly Successful Author: Justin Mckibben In the past decade the concept of Internet addiction has grown in acceptance as a legitimate clinical disorder. Compulsive Internet use can interfere with daily life, work, and relationships. When you feel more comfortable with your online, even... Learn More
Waging War on the Dark Web [caption id="attachment_14979" align="aligncenter" width="414" class=" "] (This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)[/caption] Author: Justin Mckibben The war against cyber drug cartel Silk Road stirred quite a bit of... Learn More
Crazy News Stories Author: Justin Mckibben Come one, come all and welcome to another exciting episode of the crazy news stories of the week! Teen Sets New Speed Texting World Record Marcel Fernandes Filho is a Brazilian teen who just broke his own Guinness... Learn More
11 Signs You Struggle with FOMO Author: Justin Mckibben In this new world of constantly being connected and ‘followed’ through a deepening dependence on social media and smartphones, the kind of social anxiety that comes from a fear of missing out on something has become more... Learn More
10 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Smart Phone [caption id="attachment_14577" align="aligncenter" width="445" class=" "] via[/caption] Lately, we’ve been writing quite a bit about the digital era and addiction. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide whether you’re addicted to that handy little device you carry around... Learn More

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