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E-cigarette Alter Genes Involved In Airway Immune Defense Author: Shernide Delva When e-cigarettes entered the market, they were marketed as the revolutionary way of quitting traditional smoking. However, evidence has come out to state that e-cigarettes may be just as unhealthy as cigarettes. Recent articles we have written... Learn More
Naloxone Kits Arrive at Indiana University Author: Justin Mckibben Thanks to a steady rise in prescription drug abuse, along with the continued increase in heroin addiction and the progress of fentanyl abuse, the opiate outbreak in America has fueled an overdose death epidemic that has consistently surpassed itself... Learn More
Why College Students Are Smashing Their Scales Author: Justin Mckibben For some people, bathroom scales represent a lot more than just tools for measurement… a scale can actually become a symbol of self-sabotage and emotional atrophy due to a traumatic experience or the gradual development of unhealthy... Learn More
The Stigma of Suicide on the College Campus Author: Justin Mckibben I have written about stigma in many contexts, but regardless of the forum stigma is always one of the worst elements of any illness as it is based only on presumptions and prejudices instead of facts and... Learn More
Drug Addiction in College Drug Addiction in College How many college students are abusing drugs?  Almost half of the United States’ college students are abusing drugs or binge drinking at least once a month. Alcohol is still is the most used substance of abuse at colleges... Learn More

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