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Ben Affleck Back in Rehab after Ex Stages Intervention
Ben Affleck Back in Rehab after Ex-Wife Stages Intervention
Back in March of 2017, Academy Award-winning actor, screenwriter, and producer Ben Affleck had made a powerful public statement about completing alcohol addiction treatment. After years of on-and-off struggles with his alcoholism, it seemed that the Batman actor was on... Learn More
The Two Types of Alcoholic Brains Author: Shernide Delva There are two sides to every story, and when it comes to alcoholism, the same saying holds truth. A new study examined the changes in the brain that makes a person prone to alcoholism. What they discovered... Learn More
Why Detox in Delray Beach, Florida? Author: Justin Mckibben Addiction and substance abuse are very real issues facing Americans today, and as a matter of fact these issues impact the entire world in many aspects. We constantly hear more and more about synthetic drugs made from... Learn More
Ten Presidents Who Loved To Booze Up Author: Shernide Delva It’s hard to imagine running an entire country but being inebriated while doing it? For a few presidents, this was a daily reality. Looking back, a lot of our presidents were huge drinkers and by today’s standards,... Learn More
What to Expect from Drug and Alcohol Treatment [caption id="attachment_15845" align="aligncenter" width="449"] (This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model.)[/caption] What to Expect from Drug and Alcohol Treatment: How It Works A drug and alcohol treatment facility or... Learn More
Drug Treatment for Poly-Substance Abuse What is Poly-Substance Abuse? The term ‘poly-substance abuse’ means that the user is abusing multiple substances, not just one. Many people who struggle with drugs, including alcohol, often abuse other substances at the same time, or different ones over time.... Learn More
Substance Abuse Treatment in Kansas City, MO Substance abuse treatment in Kansas City, MO is a specialized treatment program that addresses the physical, psychological, and behavioral aspects related to both substance abuse and addiction. Substance abuse treatment in Kansas City Treats Substance Abuse Substance abuse, also known... Learn More
Alcohol Withdrawal Full Body Tremors Because it is legal and socially-acceptable, many people forget that alcohol is a drug; in fact, it is considered to be one of the worst drugs you can ingest, if not the worst drug. One of the main aspects of... Learn More
Does United Healthcare Cover Drug Detox? The quick answer is Yes! United Healthcare covers drug detox for substance abuse and drug and alcohol dependence. You may not be aware that many health insurance companies offer coverage for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. The good... Learn More

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