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The Increasing Trend of New Psychoactive Substances Author: Shernide Delva With Marijuana Reform policies stirring controversy throughout the country, soon the idea of legal recreational drug usage could become a reality in the United States. In the meantime, however, many are finding ways to use drugs without... Learn More
Fatal Flakka Being Hidden in Children’s Candy Author: Justin Mckibben Flakka, the streets infamous ‘$5 Insanity’, has transformed the face of fear in drug abuse recently by corrupting minds and demoralizing communities all over the nation. Infecting people with intense hallucinations and hypertension often described as a... Learn More
Your Brain on Drugs: Flakka By Cheryl Steinberg Called “$5 Insanity” on the streets, Flakka – a relatively new designer drug that’s scourging the Florida landscape – is known as such because it’s cheap and it causes intense delusions, ergo ‘insanity.’ It’s these hallucinations that... Learn More
New Bath Salt-Like Drug Makes Its Rounds in Florida [caption id="attachment_16390" align="aligncenter" width="286"] Matthew Kenney booking photo via Broward Sheriff's Office[/caption] By Cheryl Steinberg It seems like Florida is the land of scumbags, white-collar criminals, and the jumping off point of any new (read: psychosis-inducing) drug that comes ashore.... Learn More
Synthetic ‘Cloud 9’ Causing Serious Controversy Author: Justin Mckibben Synthetic drugs have become a considerably relevant issue in recent years, with everything from the drug Kratom to Spice, these chemical cocktails are designed to fly under the radar while being solicited to teens as a quick... Learn More
Substance Showdown: Bath Salts vs. Meth Meth, over the years, has gained quite the reputation. We all know the physical signs of meth due to ads and billboards featuring before and after pictures of people on meth aka The Meth Project. And bath salts? Well, bath... Learn More
In the News: Bath Salts More Addictive than Meth? The infamous drug bath salts – a.k.a. the cannibal zombie drug that rose to notoriety last summer– now has some even stronger evidence to its addictive potential. A new study finds that the active ingredient in the drug is more addictive than... Learn More
In the News: DEA Cracks Down on Designer Drugs U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials on Wednesday announced the results of the "largest-ever" synthetic drug takedown, a bust that included suspects in 35 states and five countries. Agents working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies served more than 150... Learn More
Your Brain On Drugs: Bath Salts                         Your brain on drugs: What are Bath Salts? Bath Salts are one of the newest and most highly addictive designer drugs being sold right now. Bath salts contain Mephedrone... Learn More
‘Bath Salts’ Ban Delivered to Illinois Governor ‘Bath Salts’ Ban Delivered to Illinois Governor Succeeding an alleged “bath salt” overdose of a Southern Illinois woman, the state’s House of Representatives sent Governor Quinn a ban on the synthetic drug last night.    The push to prevent bath salt... Learn More

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