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Explaining Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction Author: Justin Mckibben With drug abuse being a major issue facing the nation, education is extremely important. Any hope of winning the fight against rising overdose rates and the spread of drug-related illness and death starts with making sure we... Learn More
A Powerful Story from the Face of Addiction Author: Justin Mckibben Wednesday evening, 9 Frederick County residents in Area 31 in downtown Frederick went in front of a camera. But this wasn’t any ordinary photo shoot. Not some promotion for a new shoe or the next big diet... Learn More
Palm Beach County Hosting Narcan Training Author: Justin Mckibben According to some statistics, opioids killed nearly 30,000 Americans in 2014. This includes illicit narcotics and prescription painkillers. In the last two years there have been reports from all over the country of surges in overdoses and... Learn More
CDC Spending $20 Million to Fight Addiction Author: Justin Mckibben Prescription drugs such as OxyCodone and Percocet have been usual suspects involved in the opiate epidemic that has devastated the nation, while also making a crushing contribution to the overdose outbreak. It has long been established that... Learn More
Long Term Effects of Roxy Addiction Roxicodone is a prescription semi-synthetic opiate with highly addictive properties. With many street names this drug is often referred to as ‘Roxy’s’ or ‘Roxi’ and as a Schedule II narcotic is typically prescribed by doctors to immediately relieve chronic pain, from... Learn More
What Your Drug of Choice Says About You, Part One [caption id="attachment_8830" align="aligncenter" width="400"] image credit:[/caption] If you’re ‘one of us’ – a recovering alcoholic/addict – then you know this fun little game: Guess the DOC. Often times, there are ‘tells’ – traits, characteristics, or signs that can be... Learn More
The 5 Steps of Opiate Detox in Florida What Are Opiates? Opiates refer to a class of narcotic drugs that are originally derived from the Opium plant but may be synthetic, or man-made. Opiates include Oxycodone, Methadone, Hydrocodone – basically, any of your prescription painkillers. Oh and of... Learn More
5 Signs of Prescription Pill Addiction Prescription pill addiction has become so common in the United States that it has been labeled an epidemic. Thousands of Americans rely on prescription painkillers for the relief of pain, discomfort from ailments such as headaches, menstrual cramps, surgery recovery,... Learn More

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