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What Drugs Don’t Show Up on a Drug Test? Author: Justin Mckibben Now this is a pretty popular question. Whether it is coming from someone trying to dodge a consequence heading their way, or a parent trying to make sure they know what to look for when worried about... Learn More
The Increasing Trend of New Psychoactive Substances Author: Shernide Delva With Marijuana Reform policies stirring controversy throughout the country, soon the idea of legal recreational drug usage could become a reality in the United States. In the meantime, however, many are finding ways to use drugs without... Learn More
New ‘N-Bomb’ is a Deadly Synthetic Drug Author: Justin Mckibben Synthetic drugs are nothing new, and as they continue to rise in popularity due to easy accessibility and being falsely marketed as ‘safe’ alternatives to other illegal drugs like marijuana and LSD, they also have a tendency... Learn More
Fake Drugs Causing Real Deaths Author: Justin Mckibben This past few years the world has realized that drug abuse is no longer limited to the more conventional and commonplace illicit substances. You know the names marijuana and cocaine, or heroin and meth, but what about... Learn More
Spice of Life: Synthetic Epidemic?   Author: Justin Mckibben The strange chemical concoctions that have been created and marketed as ‘safe’ marijuana alternatives have become more popular and apparently, more dangerous due to the stories piling up about overdoses and other health problems involved with... Learn More
D.C. Declares Synthetic Pot a Schedule I Drug Author: Justin Mckibben Synthetic marijuana goes by Spice, among many other names, and has become a growing concern for communities and health care officials as the harmful products have been distributed in gas stations, smoke shops and corner stores across... Learn More
Long Term Effects of Spice Abuse Spice abuse is a serious problem. There are both short term and long term effects of Spice abuse and it’s important to educate yourself about this. What is Spice? Spice, or synthetic marijuana, has many other street names. It’s referred... Learn More
In the News: Synthetic Pot Kills in Florida   Now-a-days, spice and other synthetic pot have become extremely popular among teens. So popular in fact that they are even releasing a movie called “Not for Human Consumption,” which is an independent film on synthetic marijuana shot entirely in... Learn More
Substance Showdown: Marijuana vs. Spice Marijuana and Spice (synthetic marijuana) are interchangeable, right? At least that’s what I used to think. When I ran out of marijuana and couldn’t get ahold of my dealer, I would run to the gas station and buy a pouch... Learn More
In the News: DEA Cracks Down on Designer Drugs U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials on Wednesday announced the results of the "largest-ever" synthetic drug takedown, a bust that included suspects in 35 states and five countries. Agents working in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies served more than 150... Learn More

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