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Did Satisfaction Surveys Make Opioid Crisis Worse?   Author: Shernide Delva The opioid crisis is pinpointed to a variety of sources, yet those blamed the most are doctors. Doctors are criticized for their generous prescribing of prescription painkillers that led to patients developing an addiction to the... Learn More
Amsterdam Sugar Rehab Sweet on Recovery Author: Justin Mckibben Plenty of attention has been paid to the true dependence most Americans have on sugar. In recent years there have been documentaries and activists making bold statements about how so much of the food we consume in... Learn More
Change of Plans: DEA Will Not Ban Kratom Author: Shernide Delva Just a little over a month ago, we announced the DEA’s plans to move kratom to the schedule I controlled substances list along with drugs like heroin and marijuana. Surprisingly, those plans have changed. Today, October 13,... Learn More

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