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Two Inmates Dead Due to Preventable Heroin Withdrawals Author: Shernide Delva Two Colorado inmates died while incarcerated and suffering through heroin withdrawal this year. Both were preventable. In the last decade, heroin deaths have quadrupled in the United States. Back in May, 25-year-old Taylor Tabor died in Adams County... Learn More
5 Illegal Drugs That Will Cure You [caption id="attachment_16071" align="aligncenter" width="319"] via[/caption] By Cheryl Steinberg You may or may not be aware of this but, some of the highly-illegal drugs today were once used in virtually any kind of cough drop, tincture, or formula to treat... Learn More
Did You Know About Dinosaurs Doing Drugs? Author: Justin Mckibben Did you ever wonder what kind of mischief the dinosaurs of the world far before our time ever got themselves into? What kind of lives they lived and what we could compare to the way our world... Learn More
History of Addiction Treatment: Fredrick Douglass [caption id="attachment_9696" align="aligncenter" width="252"] image credit:[/caption] Temperance Movement The temperance movement, which began in 1800s America, gave rise to the ideas that we currently have about addiction and the duty for a society to help with the suffering of... Learn More
History of Drugs: MDMA MDMA has been around for 100 years. It was previously used as a counseling tool by therapists in the ’70s, but was made illegal in 1985. MDMA is an empathogenic drug – a class all its own – that can... Learn More

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