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Should Pregnant Women Face Mandatory Drug Tests? Author: Shernide Delva As a result of the high rates of heroin and painkiller abuse, some doctors are calling for mandatory drug tests for all pregnant women. The effects of drug and alcohol use on pregnancy is fully known to... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Garratt Park, MA Many drug treatment centers in Garret Park, MA use a more straightforward therapy technique as well as medications to soothe cravings and ease mental distress. While these techniques are very helpful and still used by most, if not all drug... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Travilah Choosing a drug treatment program is a difficult and often overwhelming task. When addiction has taken over a family, many times individuals are in no state emotionally to put forth the effort to find a reliable drug treatment on their... Learn More
Involuntary Drug Treatment in New York Like most states New York, has its own civil commitment laws that determine the criteria to have someone court ordered to treatment or, in other words, involuntarily committed to drug treatment. New York State allows both inpatient and outpatient involuntary... Learn More

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