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Party Drug to Curb Binge Drinking? By Cheryl Steinberg Is the solution to stopping binge drinking alcohol (a drug) the taking of another drug? According to a couple of key players in the debate, the answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Recently, a patent has been... Learn More
How THIS Alcoholic Learned to Moderate As an alcoholic (and addict), I am one of those all-or-nothing, black-and-white-no-shades-of-grey types. But, when I first came to the rooms, I thought, “There’s gotta be a way that I can moderate my drinking.” After all, plenty of other (normal... Learn More
Can you learn how to drink safely? Being the alcoholic I am, I know for certain that I can’t drink safely and I have all the experience in the world to back that statement up. It is funny though my mind will still try to tell me... Learn More

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