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Studying Teens and the 12 Steps Author: Justin Mckibben How early can you get involved in a 12 Step program? Is it ever really too soon to start learning about the realities of drug addiction and alcoholism? With programs out there specifically created to help teens... Learn More
MM vs AA: Which Wont Work For You? Author: Justin Mckibben Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction can seem like a world of confusion, convoluted approaches and misunderstood opinions, especially from the outside looking in. No method has proven to be perfect, and 12 step fellowships like AA... Learn More
Are the 12 Steps the Only Way? By Cheryl Steinberg As much as 90% of the drug and alcohol rehabs in America endorse the 12 Step approach to treatment and recovery and yet, research shows that there’s a better way: combining therapy and medication. If you are... Learn More
11 Things Only Men in Recovery Understand Recovery has a large population of men, and in sobriety most guys step up and step out of ego and immaturity (or we at least try) in order to be better men.  We typically have pride, ambition, and reputation to get... Learn More
The 6 Most Ridiculous Portrayals of 12 Step Groups on TV [caption id="attachment_11749" align="aligncenter" width="421"][/caption] Television and the media are all about dramatization. It is the Medias job to do everything possible to take any situation and make it intense or entertaining in some way to draw the audience into... Learn More

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