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International Harm Reduction Conference 2015 Author: Justin Mckibben This past October the 24th International Harm Reduction Conference 2015 was held in Kuala Lumpur, and many accounts showed how there was some serious differences in the way drug policy is handled around the world, but it... Learn More
3 Reasons 2015 will be Big for Harm Reduction Author: Justin Mckibben Harm reduction has taken some leaps and bounds in recent years as far as a growing movement to confront the rise in drug use and the devastation of addiction on an individual and community level. With the... Learn More
Can You Really Be Addicted to The Needle? By Cheryl Steinberg As a recovering IV drug user, I can say absolutely, without a doubt that yes, you can be addicted to the needle and to that ‘needle high.’ For many, if not all drug addicts, the ritual of... Learn More
Opinion: Do Needle Exchange Programs Encourage Drug Use? What are needle exchange programs? Needle exchange programs are government funded programs that supply clean needles to drug addicts so that they are at a lower risk of sharing needles and spreading diseases. Needle exchange programs are harm prevention for... Learn More
Substance Showdown: Heroin vs. Prescription Painkillers Today it is going to be a showdown between two infamous substances: heroin and prescription painkillers. Just like our previous substance showdowns, heroin and prescription painkillers will go head to head for three rounds based on: health effects, insidiousness and... Learn More

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