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10 Ways Soft Drinks Wreck Your Health that could totally be Sprite® By Cheryl Steinberg Soft drinks are highly popular, highly addictive, and highly bad for you. I get it, there are just some times when a cold, sugary drink sparkling over ice is where it’s at. However,... Learn More
Your Face on Drugs: Alcohol So you have probably heard us go on and on about the dangerous health effects alcohol has on the body. But did you know that alcohol can affect your appearance too? If you thought only meth took out its intensity... Learn More
Are You “Almost Anorexic?” You might think it’s easy to spot someone with an eating disorder when, in reality you can’t tell whether or not someone has an eating disorder just by looking at them. The fact is, most eating disorders don't fit neatly... Learn More
Common Drugs Used to Lose Weight Obesity is a chronic disease that affects many people. To lose weight in the long term, a person must modify their diet and engage in regular physical exercise. However, some people may require additional treatment, which is why weight loss... Learn More
In the News: NY Bans Sale on Large Sodas In the News: NY Bans Sale on Soda over 16 oz. Soda has got to be one of the worst culprits in our fight against obesity. About half of Americans drink soda every day at 2.6 glasses a day. There’s... Learn More

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