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Recovery Roommate Website Goes Nationwide Author: Justin Mckibben People are strange when you’re a stranger. Being in recovery it can seem like we are a little extra strange to some, or not strange enough for others. So of course finding a roommate while in recovery... Learn More
The Delray Beach Sober House Discussion Author: Justin Mckibben Delray Beach in South Florida is a beautiful part of the Sunshine State with a thriving community. Florida is known for its warm days, miles of breathtaking beaches, and a variety of fabulous cultures. The state also... Learn More
7 Things I (Kinda) Miss About Living in the Halfway House [caption id="attachment_15581" align="aligncenter" width="455"][/caption] Author: Justin Mckibben I know the title sounds crazy, but hear me out. Living in a halfway house was surely a growing experience for me. For someone like me who grew up very fast and started... Learn More
What is a three quarter way house? In order to understand what a three quarter way house, it’s essential for you to know what a sober house, or halfway house is. Sober Living in a Nutshell Sober and halfway houses are also called recovery houses, and they... Learn More
7 Signs You Should Go to a Halfway House after Rehab Completing a drug and alcohol treatment program is a great accomplishment for anyone who has struggled with substance abuse or addiction. It takes commitment and determination to enroll into a rehab facility, to face the issues with drugs and alcohol... Learn More
The 9 Most Common Early Recovery Mistakes [caption id="attachment_12174" align="aligncenter" width="474"][/caption] As humans we make mistakes. As alcoholics and addicts we tend to make a few extra, and being in early recovery it’s easy to make a bunch more when you’re used to living a way... Learn More
11 Things Only Men in Recovery Understand [caption id="attachment_11774" align="aligncenter" width="441"][/caption] Recovery has a large population of men, and in sobriety most guys step up and step out of ego and immaturity (or we at least try) in order to be better men.  We typically have pride,... Learn More

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