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Big Pharma Propaganda: How Drug Companies Feed the Crisis Author: Justin Mckibben Overprescribing of powerful prescription medications is just one part of how the current American opioid crisis came to be. While incredibly dangerous synthetic drugs like fentanyl came pouring in from across the globe, the pharmaceutical industry right... Learn More
Are the 12 Steps the Only Way? By Cheryl Steinberg As much as 90% of the drug and alcohol rehabs in America endorse the 12 Step approach to treatment and recovery and yet, research shows that there’s a better way: combining therapy and medication. If you are... Learn More
Narcan-like Drug for Cocaine Overdose in Development  By Cheryl Steinberg Chang-Guo Zhan, who is a pharmaceutical sciences professor in the United Kingdom, is working on the first FDA-approved drugs to treat both cocaine overdose and cocaine addiction. Currently, there is no approved treatment for cocaine overdose, which... Learn More

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