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The Two Types of Alcoholic Brains Author: Shernide Delva There are two sides to every story, and when it comes to alcoholism, the same saying holds truth. A new study examined the changes in the brain that makes a person prone to alcoholism. What they discovered... Learn More
I need rehab but I can’t afford it, now what? You’ve finally accepted the fact that you’re dealing with a problem that’s bigger than you and you’re ready to get help. This is typically how it goes for people like us, people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. Or,... Learn More
Aetna Drug Rehab As most of you know there are a slew of different insurance companies and huge variety of plans within those insurances. All of these different healthcare plans can make it really confusing when you try to figure out your own... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Garratt Park, MA Many drug treatment centers in Garret Park, MA use a more straightforward therapy technique as well as medications to soothe cravings and ease mental distress. While these techniques are very helpful and still used by most, if not all drug... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Travilah Choosing a drug treatment program is a difficult and often overwhelming task. When addiction has taken over a family, many times individuals are in no state emotionally to put forth the effort to find a reliable drug treatment on their... Learn More
Drug Treatment in Somerset, MD Drug treatment in Somerset, MD is meant to help people who have become addicted to stop their compulsive drug seeking and use. Drug treatment in Somerset has a variety of different settings and can take on many different forms that... Learn More
How Can I Pay for Rehab? Many people think that rehab is too expensive. Well, it is quite expensive but, did you know that most health insurance plans will pay for rehab? Private Health Insurance: Many states now require that certain types of insurance companies provide benefits for... Learn More
Does rehab go on your record?   If you are looking to go to rehab you probably have many different concerns, especially when it comes to your privacy. You may not want anyone such as future employers or school to know that you have had a... Learn More
Drug rehab for women in Delray Beach Drug rehab for women in Delray Beach is a unique and special rehabilitation program specifically designed for the needs and wants of women. Men and women, while they may suffer from the same disease, addiction and alcoholism, many times have... Learn More
Can I force my child to get drug treatment? Can I force my child to get drug treatment is the question many parents ask when their loved one that is abusing drugs is absolutely refusing and unwilling to seek help for themselves. It is scary to have a child... Learn More

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