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ADHD Drug Overdoses Rising Among American Children Why are more kids than ever before overdosing on ADHD drugs in America? Did you know that the number of U.S. children unnecessarily exposed to powerful medications meant to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has gone through the roof... Learn More
Explaining Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction Author: Justin Mckibben With drug abuse being a major issue facing the nation, education is extremely important. Any hope of winning the fight against rising overdose rates and the spread of drug-related illness and death starts with making sure we... Learn More
How Young is Too Young for ADHD Medication? [caption id="attachment_18783" align="aligncenter" width="272"] (This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)[/caption] Author: Shernide Delva A new report states that more than 10,000 American toddlers ages 2 or 3 years... Learn More
The Rise in American Youth Abusing ADHD Medication Author: Shernide Delva ADHD meds continues to be the most prevalent drugs among young people in college and high school. The stress of exams and all-nighters makes drugs like adderall all too tempting for those looking to get ahead of the... Learn More
Drugs Stealing the Meaning of Life Author: Justin Mckibben The meaning of life isn't spelled out for anyone, it doesn't necessarily exist in terms of black and white or wrong and right... because the meaning of your life always depends on the design you give it,... Learn More
Sleep Saves Lives: Naps Not Drugs [caption id="attachment_16849" align="aligncenter" width="426"] (This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)[/caption] Author: Justin Mckibben Enough sleep? Really, is there even such a thing? I swear I could take nap... Learn More
Memory Problems: ADHD Drugs or PAWS? By Cheryl Steinberg I was officially diagnosed with ADD/ADHD near the end of my middle school career. I remember my parents wanting to make sure that I had “documentation” of my diagnosis before I went to high school; I was... Learn More
Amphetamine and Methamphetamine Abuse Treatment The abuse of amphetamines and methamphetamine, such as crystal meth, is quite serious and therefore amphetamine and methamphetamine abuse treatment is available to those who struggle with one or both of these drugs. Amphetamine and Methamphetamine: What’s the Difference? In... Learn More
Stimulant Drug Addiction Treatment Author: Justin Mckibben Stimulants are well known as party drugs because they keep users alert and awake all night. Stimulants are often also abused by students trying to find a quick fix style remedy to stay up studying. The way... Learn More
Campuses Crackdown on ADHD Meds By Cheryl Steinberg Go to the popular website and look up “Adderall;” the first definition is: "The only way to finish homework." As someone who was legitimately prescribed – and later misused and abused Adderall, in college, of course... Learn More
ADHD: Disease or Boredom? By Cheryl Steinberg If you’re like me and many others with a history of addiction, you have also – at one point in your life – been diagnosed with ADHD. Just what is it about ADHD (and addiction) that has... Learn More

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