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America Taking Away DEA Money to Fund Awareness Author: Justin Mckibben I want to talk about an announcement truly significant as a deviation from the United States' decades long War on Drugs, which has time and time again been referred to as a failed endeavor of epic proportions.... Learn More
Mexican Drug Lords Use Drones to Deliver Drugs Drug smugglers are upping their game by using the newest technologies to aid them in getting drugs across the Mexico/U.S. border. In an effort to continue with business as usual, Mexican drug lords have begun using drones in order to... Learn More
Maine Has More Meth Labs than Ever Author: Justin Mckibben Methamphetamine is one of the most intimidating drugs out there for addicts and non-addicts alike. The photos of meth users are enough to shock anyone even meth users themselves. So is it true that the US has a... Learn More
Prescription Pill Crackdown Within the NFL By Cheryl Steinberg A Washington Post survey published in April of last year, found that, of more than 500 retired NFL players, one in four said he team doctors pressured them to take medication they were uncomfortable with taking. Players... Learn More

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