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Legal Marijuana Coming to New Jersey and Virginia? Author: Justin Mckibben The elections held this past Tuesday may not have directly addressed the status of marijuana, but voters in multiple states did elect officials who are adamant about making legal marijuana more available. Next Year in New Jersey... Learn More
Oregon Will Now Expunge Past Marijuana Records Author: Shernide Delva Oregon is one of the first states to address the concerns of marijuana legalization answering the debated question: what do you do with someone with a record for something that used to be a crime but now... Learn More
Politicians Split Over Pot Policies Author: Justin Mckibben American politicians are soon to face an unprecedented number of US cities and states putting to the voters tomorrow the decision on whether they should follow suit with marijuana legalization as in Colorado and Washington. With so... Learn More
Negative Addiction Stigma: The Struggle is STILL Real Author: Justin Mckibben Drug addiction stigma is real. The struggle to overcome that addiction is still very real. Average people seem to speak negative opinions and spark controversial conversations more than creating productive personal support or inspiration and compassion. The... Learn More
Early Weed Use Leads to More Problems Later Author: Justin Mckibben People believe weed is harmless right? Probably the most common cop-out response from anyone who has an argument about the effects of marijuana on an individual using it would be that it is ‘just a plant’. So... Learn More

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