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Big Pharma Propaganda: How Drug Companies Feed the Crisis Author: Justin Mckibben Overprescribing of powerful prescription medications is just one part of how the current American opioid crisis came to be. While incredibly dangerous synthetic drugs like fentanyl came pouring in from across the globe, the pharmaceutical industry right... Learn More
A Powerful Story from the Face of Addiction Author: Justin Mckibben Wednesday evening, 9 Frederick County residents in Area 31 in downtown Frederick went in front of a camera. But this wasn’t any ordinary photo shoot. Not some promotion for a new shoe or the next big diet... Learn More
Annual Overdose Deaths will Reach 50,000 by 2017 Author: Justin Mckibben America, not to mention a good chunk of the rest of the world has been experiencing a grave increase in drug related issues, including overdose deaths. In America it has been stated that prescription painkiller overdoses have... Learn More
Living a Double Life: How to Spot a Functional Addict There’s your ‘typical’ drug addict, the type that’s usually referred to as “junkie,” – you know, the homeless person getting high on the streets, possibly prostituting themselves (male and female) – and then there’s the ‘functional addict.’ This type of... Learn More
Drug Abuse by State: Florida According to a new report in Prescription Drug Abuse: Strategies to Stop the Epidemic, Florida drug abuse has the 11th highest drug overdose death percentage in the United States, with 16.4 per 100,000 people suffering drug overdose mortalities. The amount... Learn More
What is doctor shopping? I was never a pill head. Well I guess I was but I always attained my drugs through illegal means. And while doctor shopping isn’t in the least bit legal, it is a way of obtaining a legal prescription for... Learn More

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