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15 Dead in 24 Hours from Pure Heroin Author: Justin Mckibben As if you haven’t heard about this before, and if you haven’t I’d hate to be the one to show you the writing on the wall, the heroin and opiate epidemic in America has claimed an insurmountable... Learn More
Ohio #2 for Most Overdose Deaths in America Author: Justin Mckibben Just yesterday I wrote about how the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had released a report last week proclaiming that our great nation has reached a devastating point in the perpetual conflict against drug abuse,... Learn More
Drugs that Make You Want to Die Author: Justin Mckibben Why do drug addicts use? Well typically we addicts are using with the intention to get high. But what usually happens is the drugs take us to our lowest lows, and I say that speaking from experience.... Learn More
New ‘N-Bomb’ is a Deadly Synthetic Drug Author: Justin Mckibben Synthetic drugs are nothing new, and as they continue to rise in popularity due to easy accessibility and being falsely marketed as ‘safe’ alternatives to other illegal drugs like marijuana and LSD, they also have a tendency... Learn More

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