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Legal Cannabis in America Cutting Off the Cartels Author: Justin Mckibben The War on Drugs in America has always found its common enemy in the ranks of the Mexican cartels, which has made those borders profoundly dangerous, and the states they exist in have been flooded with drugs... Learn More
Crazy News Stories of the Week Notorious “Biggie” A.K.A. "Fat Boy" Arrested Hiding your drugs in your belly fold- it’s so stupid it just might work, right? 42-year-old Christopher Mitchell (a.k.a. “Fat Boy” a.k.a. “Biggie”) is a central Florida resident who weighs in at about 450... Learn More
In the News: Mexico’s Sadistic Drug Lord Captured Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, the leader of one of Mexico’s most violent drug-trafficking cartels, was taken into custody Monday by Mexican officials -- a capture made possible with the help of U.S. intelligence. Trevino Morales was better known - and... Learn More

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