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The 13 Most Common Addiction Stereotypes By Cheryl Steinberg There are several common myths and misconceptions about addiction that run amok, and these are passed around by not just those who are lucky enough to be non-addicts but, by addicts, themselves. The problem with this is... Learn More
Living a Double Life: How to Spot a Functional Addict There’s your ‘typical’ drug addict, the type that’s usually referred to as “junkie,” – you know, the homeless person getting high on the streets, possibly prostituting themselves (male and female) – and then there’s the ‘functional addict.’ This type of... Learn More
Ask Alkie Is it possible to be sober and still have fun? I always thought that people who quit drinking and using drugs became pretty boring, irritable and even angry. People who don’t drink seem to spend all their time complaining about... Learn More

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