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Patrick Kennedy On Addiction, Mental Illness and Advocacy [caption id="attachment_20511" align="aligncenter" width="431"] (This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)[/caption] Author: Shernide Delva  Recently, Patrick Kennedy opened up about depression, addiction and the dire need for funding when... Learn More
Top Holistic Drug Rehabs in South Florida Why should you attend one of the top holistic drug rehabs in South Florida? Because combining the holistic approach with the warm, tropic, and scenic setting of South Florida is ideal when choosing among the top holistic drug rehabs in... Learn More
Holistic Drug Treatment in the Tri-State Area Holistic Drug Treatment in the Tri-State Area What is Holistic Drug Treatment? Holistic health is a concept in medicine that views a person as a whole and seeks to treat all of their needs: psychological, physical, and social. Holistic drug treatment in the... Learn More
What is Alternative Drug Rehab? I am a big fan of alternative drug rehab. I don’t know if this is because I went to an alternative drug rehab, or because the way I try to live my life is kind of along the lines of what an... Learn More
I want to go to rehab. Where do I start? I want to go to rehab. Where do I start? The circumstances that lead us all to begin searching for rehab can be scary, frightening and overwhelming. The thought of not only going to rehab but finding the right one in... Learn More
Holistic Addiction Treatment at Florida Drug Rehab Centers   [caption id="attachment_3125" align="aligncenter" width="356" caption="Holistic Addiction Treatment"][/caption]   There are all kinds of different approaches and techniques that Florida drug rehab centers use to treat addiction and alcoholism. Some kinds of Florida drug rehab centers offer holistic addiction treatment... Learn More
The addiction treatment centers in Florida offer more than rehab [caption id="attachment_3049" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Addiction Treatment Centers in Florida offer more than rehab"][/caption]   The addiction treatment centers in Florida offer more than rehab in a number ways from the very simple to the more intricate parts of their... Learn More
What is the Success Rate of Rehab? Alcohol and drug addiction is a serious illness that can impact your whole life. It is characterized by a compulsive need to drink and use drugs even in the face of severe consequences. An addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is... Learn More
Holistic Alcohol Treatment Centers   Holistic alcohol treatment centers focus on a person as a whole instead of just specific parts. Holistic means to treat the whole, holistic alcohol treatment centers treat the mind, body and spirit instead of just the mind and body... Learn More
Why Drug Rehab in Florida? Every year, hundreds of alcoholics and drug addicts go to Florida for drug rehab. Palm Beach County, on Florida’s east coast, is home to the largest recovery community in the country. Why drug rehab in Florida? What makes drug rehab... Learn More

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