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Legal Marijuana Coming to New Jersey and Virginia? Author: Justin Mckibben The elections held this past Tuesday may not have directly addressed the status of marijuana, but voters in multiple states did elect officials who are adamant about making legal marijuana more available. Next Year in New Jersey... Learn More
Congressmen Push to End the Federal War on Weed Author: Justin Mckibben We have seen how there were serious political efforts going into removing the federal government’s claws in the fight against marijuana in the states, and about how the midterm elections this time last year have brought with... Learn More
Ohio Voting on Legal Marijuana in November Author: Justin Mckibben Last November was a huge period for marijuana reform in America, and with November 2015 right around the corner, the campaigns for pot politics are picking up all over the place. The nation has seen over the... Learn More
Free and Legal Marijuana Making it to the Streets Author: Justin Mckibben The state of Oregon last night was ignited, and it was a little more than enthusiasm in the air at midnight as crowds gathered and counted down minutes before lighting up joints in the streets to celebrate... Learn More
Is There Cannabis in Your Coffee? Author: Justin Mckibben Edible marijuana is one of the popular subjects in the battle for reform; with some saying it is the future of medical marijuana administration, and others saying it is a devious and deadly method of disguising the... Learn More
Legal Cannabis in America Cutting Off the Cartels Author: Justin Mckibben The War on Drugs in America has always found its common enemy in the ranks of the Mexican cartels, which has made those borders profoundly dangerous, and the states they exist in have been flooded with drugs... Learn More
Recreational Weed vs Medical Marijuana in Washington Author: Justin Mckibben After all the news about weed winning over the midterm elections this past November, plenty of states are already making moves to get marijuana moving in their areas. Washington State had its first recreational marijuana stores opening... Learn More
New Apps are Aiming to Deliver Drugs Author: Justin Mckibben We can’t seem to hear enough now-a-days about how the digital world and the expansion of our mobile technology are altering the way drug use and drug policy is being handled. This coupled with the growing call... Learn More
Bob Marley Marketing in Mainstream Marijuana [caption id="attachment_14705" align="aligncenter" width="373" class=" "] Photo[/caption] Author: Justin Mckibben As if anyone who is alive today does not know,  the world famous Bob Marley was an open advocate of marijuana, and in case you weren't sure he also... Learn More
Legal Weed Winning Most of Midterms Author: Justin Mckibben This past Tuesday November 4th, 2014 the voting midterms drew to a close by early evening and as all the results were tallied and laws were forged and forfeited, it became clear that voters were largely in favor... Learn More
Politicians Split Over Pot Policies Author: Justin Mckibben American politicians are soon to face an unprecedented number of US cities and states putting to the voters tomorrow the decision on whether they should follow suit with marijuana legalization as in Colorado and Washington. With so... Learn More
Colorado Governor Not Proud of Legal Pot Author: Justin Mckibben Since the state of Colorado first took innovative and unprecedented action to enact a new law legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, there has been plenty of questions as to how effective it has been, and how... Learn More

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