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Legal Marijuana Coming to New Jersey and Virginia? Author: Justin Mckibben The elections held this past Tuesday may not have directly addressed the status of marijuana, but voters in multiple states did elect officials who are adamant about making legal marijuana more available. Next Year in New Jersey... Learn More
Should Scientology Be Permitted New Drug Treatment Center? Author: Justin Mckibben Since drug and alcohol addict has been treated exclusively there have pretty much always been treatment programs that revolve around religious ideals. Narconon's practices have been invariably derived directly from Scientology's religious doctrines with only minimal changes... Learn More
New Dry Bar Does Big on Opening Night Author: Justin Mckibben Friday night is not just for the people who want to get wasted at their favorite club or hole-in-the-wall saloon. Sober people, and even those individuals just looking for something outside the typical bar scene, have a... Learn More
Synthetic ‘Cloud 9’ Causing Serious Controversy Author: Justin Mckibben Synthetic drugs have become a considerably relevant issue in recent years, with everything from the drug Kratom to Spice, these chemical cocktails are designed to fly under the radar while being solicited to teens as a quick... Learn More

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