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Singer and Actor Tom Waits Talks Giving Up Drinking Author: Justin Mckibben Thomas Alan “Tom” Waits is a celebrated American singer-songwriter with a distinctive voice so growly with grit it’s strangely smooth and somehow conceptually classic. He is also a composer who has worked on several movies and musicals,... Learn More
10 Music Stars Who Gave Up Marijuana Author: Justin Mckibben The music industry is well known for a population consisting mostly of young people who thrive off the evolution of pop culture, and often the fame and fortune is coupled with temptation. The life of a rock-star... Learn More
X Factor Star Commits Suicide Author: Justin Mckibben Singer Simone Battle was a beautiful and talented young woman, a finalist who made it through to the top 17 talented musicians in the United States popular 2011 series The X Factor, and this past Friday she... Learn More
How I Found My Passion in Sobriety The gifts of sobriety are incredible. All people are born with potential to find something they truly love to do and pursue that with passion. The genuine love for the things we do and the emotional connection to achieving new... Learn More
In the News: David Cassidy Ordered Back to Rehab After DUI [caption id="attachment_10449" align="aligncenter" width="358"] via Schodack Police Department[/caption] Los Angeles, CA – Former Partridge Family star and one-time teen heartthrob David Cassidy has been ordered to a three month stint in rehab. Cassidy appeared before a judge March 24th and... Learn More
20 Stars We Lost Too Soon Due to Addiction The most recent tragic drug-related celebrity death on everybody’s lips is that of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Unfortunately, Mr. Hoffman’s death is only the most recent to be added to a way-too-long list of stars we lost because of drugs. It’s... Learn More
In The News: Trace Adkins Leaves Rehab to Buy Guitar in Lake Worth [caption id="attachment_11011" align="aligncenter" width="500"][/caption] It seems that songwriting and playing music may be an integral part of Trace Adkins’ rehabilitation for his recent active alcoholism – the country music star left treatment in order to buy a new guitar... Learn More

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