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What Food Can Detox My Body from Drugs? Author: Justin Mckibben Detoxing after a prolonged period of substance abuse or addiction can be the hardest part of getting off drugs or alcohol. Most people want to find the easiest, quickest way to get through the process in a... Learn More
7 Hints for a Healthy Sugar Detox Author: Justin Mckibben These days the food industry has learned how to hijack our hormones, taste buds and brain chemistry in a form of biological deception rooted in one of our deepest addictions: sugar! That’s right, one of the deadliest... Learn More
Rehab for Sugar Addiction? Food addiction is still a much-debated topic, with many questioning whether it’s an actual addiction, like that of alcohol addiction or other drug addiction. Others argue that what people would consider an addiction to food is in actuality a type... Learn More
Luxury Rehab Centers in Palm Beach, FL Author: Justin Mckibben The differences between luxury rehab centers in Palm Beach, FL and a traditional drug rehab are more related to the financial aspects than to the quality of overall treatment. Many traditional drug rehabs offer exceptional treatment programs,... Learn More
Top Holistic Drug Rehabs in South Florida Why should you attend one of the top holistic drug rehabs in South Florida? Because combining the holistic approach with the warm, tropic, and scenic setting of South Florida is ideal when choosing among the top holistic drug rehabs in... Learn More

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