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How Do You Get Narcan? Author: Justin Mckibben With the opioid epidemic in America there have been a lot of advances in the field of addiction treatment, as well as innovations in prevention and intervention. One of the most useful elements of preserving the lives... Learn More
Explaining Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction Author: Justin Mckibben With drug abuse being a major issue facing the nation, education is extremely important. Any hope of winning the fight against rising overdose rates and the spread of drug-related illness and death starts with making sure we... Learn More
Delray Beach Pill Mill Doctor Guilty on 55 Charges Author: Justin Mckibben Some serious justice has been dealt this month as another crooked "pill mill" doctor has been struck with a serious of guilty verdicts for his participation in the illegal enterprise of over-prescribing patients shopping for dangerous opiate... Learn More
Detox for Oxycodone Addiction Author: Justin Mckibben Oxycodone is the generic name for one of the most prescribed narcotic painkillers, Oxycontin. It is a very strong prescription painkiller that is typically effective in treating moderate to severe pain, but it can have some negative... Learn More
Prescription Pill Crackdown Within the NFL By Cheryl Steinberg A Washington Post survey published in April of last year, found that, of more than 500 retired NFL players, one in four said he team doctors pressured them to take medication they were uncomfortable with taking. Players... Learn More
Deadly Drug Combos: Alcohol and Painkillers Author: Justin Mckibben Drug abuse and addiction is pretty well known as a deadly issue that stands on its own, and it may seem more obvious that mixing different dangerous narcotics can be a serious mistake, but one thing that... Learn More
Pain Pill Detox Center in Florida Prescription painkillers have become a huge problem in America, being overprescribed and often abused by both recreational users and legitimate pain management patients. A pain pill detox center in Florida can help someone who has become dependent or addicted to... Learn More
Non Addictive Painkiller Discovered?   Author: Justin Mckibben The idea of a non-addictive painkiller is one that has the potential to change the way people across the country are treated for serious injuries or illnesses, and to have a powerful impact on the community... Learn More

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