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Should Convicted Drug Dealers Be Denied Welfare Forever? [caption id="attachment_17008" align="aligncenter" width="429"] (This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)[/caption] Author: Justin Mckibben Drug dealing is not as glorified or malicious as it often seems made out to... Learn More
Medical Pot Passes in Pennsylvania Senate Author: Justin Mckibben Ladies and gentlemen, medical pot is on its way to passing into law in Pennsylvania! This is a huge announcement considering the current political climate, and the fact that Pennsylvania is one of the swing states that... Learn More
Swing States Seek to Legalize Marijuana Author: Justin Mckibben November 2014 was a big month for the marijuana reform movement with midterm election that set the tone for the reshaping of pot policies in America. A handful of states took the opportunity to push for legislation... Learn More
Chester County Drug Detox Giving up using drugs or drinking can seem to be the most difficult thing you've had to do. You have even tried to stop on your own, but each time you always end up right back where you started, only... Learn More
Heroin Disguised as Oxycodone Found in Pennsylvania By Cheryl Steinberg In what appears to be a case of someone going to great lengths to disguise illicit drugs as legitimate ones – and therefore, their illicit activities, heroin in the form of round tablets, resembling oxycodone pills has... Learn More
Drug Rehab in Bucks County, PA When you have finally committed to quit using drugs and/or alcohol, drug rehab in Bucks County, PA could be the perfect choice for you to look into. They offer a detox program for your withdrawals, a treatment program with therapy,... Learn More
Drug Rehab in Montgomery County, PA Addiction is a progressive and deadly disease that you can recover from; but you have the best chance of finding recovery if you go to Drug Rehab in Montgomery County, PA. When you go to drug rehab in Montgomery County,... Learn More

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