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Boynton Beach Sees 5 Overdoses in One Night Author: Justin Mckibben Boynton Beach is beautiful area in South Florida, just north of Delray Beach and south of West Palm in Palm Beach County. The area has been described as “America’s gateway to the Gulf Stream.” Boynton Beach has... Learn More
Florida Police Arrest Drug Dealers by the Dozens Author: Justin Mckibben Talk about a power-move... these might just be the kind of game-changers we need to see more of in America. Even though it is an amazing place for living in recovery, also considered the recovery capitol of... Learn More
International Overdose Awareness Day 2015 Author: Justin Mckibben Addiction and drug overdose crosses the borders that we humans put in place; borders that convince people drug abuse and overdose death is someone else’s problem. It's not. It is our problem… as both individual and unified... Learn More
Florida Passes Emergency Treatment for Opioid Overdose Act Author: Justin Mckibben New legislation is being processed and approved all over America with the intention of irradiating the increasing opioid epidemic, with officials teaming up across parties to participate in the discussion and development of initiatives to put the... Learn More
Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment in South Florida What is Holistic Drug and Alcohol Treatment in South Florida? Holistic is a term that means “whole” and “complete.” Therefore, when considering getting help for substance abuse, the approach of holistic drug and alcohol treatment in South Florida involves methods... Learn More
Outpatient Treatment in South Florida Author: Justin Mckibben Drug addiction and alcoholism are both devastating afflictions, and when someone had gotten to the point where they have acknowledged the severity of their situation, they will want to know what kind of help is available to... Learn More

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