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Uber Executive Talks Getting Sober At Age 20 [caption id="attachment_18435" align="aligncenter" width="403"] (This content is being used for illustrative purposes only; any person depicted in the content is a model)[/caption] Uber has officially altered the way we look at transportation. Now, instead of the traditionally expensive taxi cabs, millions are... Learn More
New Apps are Aiming to Deliver Drugs Author: Justin Mckibben We can’t seem to hear enough now-a-days about how the digital world and the expansion of our mobile technology are altering the way drug use and drug policy is being handled. This coupled with the growing call... Learn More
New Breathalyzer App Can Call You a Cab Author: Justin Mckibben Drunk driving is just the worst. Seriously, the impact that drunk drivers have on those they endanger and harm by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated and subsequently causing accidents is so severe, and can quite often... Learn More

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