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Legal Marijuana Coming to New Jersey and Virginia? Author: Justin Mckibben The elections held this past Tuesday may not have directly addressed the status of marijuana, but voters in multiple states did elect officials who are adamant about making legal marijuana more available. Next Year in New Jersey... Learn More
Prescribing Naloxone with Opiate Painkillers Author: Justin Mckibben We have already taken note by now the opiate epidemic in America has been a devastating reality for a massive piece of the population, and it is partially due to the over prescription and abuse of opiate... Learn More
Virginia Bans the Box on Job Applications   By Cheryl Steinberg Many people feel that all-too-familiar dread when they are on the job hunt: not only is filling out the job application exhaustive and sometimes a bit daunting; for those with criminal records, seeing a question on... Learn More
Bong Ban in Virginia Outlaws Paraphernalia Author: Justin Mckibben There are all types of strange and inventive contraptions out there that have been creatively and craftily designed, labeled for ‘tobacco use only’ as some stores claim, but are ultimately used for smoking marijuana and other drugs.... Learn More

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