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Everyday Items that Can Make You Fail a Drug Test

Anyone who has ever had a false positive on a drug test knows the frustration and stress it can cause. You find yourself in defense mode knowing you did nothing wrong and yet the test clearly shows you failed for THC, PCP, meth, whatever it is. How do you combat with scientific proof? You can’t really. This is why it is not only imperative to know what everyday things that can make you fail a drug test but also so the next time you get asked for a urine sample you can be prepared. The stress of a false positive and the repercussions just aren’t worth, say, that poppy seed bagel or Aleve.

Here are a few everyday things that can make you fail a drug test:

Poppy Seeds:

Heroin, morphine and opium as some of you may know are derivatives of the opium poppy (there is also just poppies which are flowers also, actually the state flower of California) and are all opiates. So how does this factor into everyday things that can make you fail a drug test? Well, even the poppy seeds you find on muffins, bagels and all kinds things contain trace amounts of what can make heroin and morphine. Poppy seeds have been causing false positives on drug tests for decades now. Many people have been wrongly fried or not hired because of them too.


Advil is just a brand name for ibuprofen and ibuprofen is an over-the-counter painkiller. Be wary though if you have a headache right before your drug test and want to pop a few of these though. If you have a drug test you might be better off taking something like aspirin or acetaminophen. Why? Ibuprofen can incorrectly be identified as THC. THC is the stuff in pot that causes the high. This type of false positive isn’t very common anymore but it is probably best that you mention if they asked if you took anything before the test, that you did in fact take ibuprofen or that you just keep it out of your system all together.


Sudafed is one of the worst culprits for false positives. It is definitely an everyday item that can cause you to fail a drug test. Sudafed can be mistaken on a drug test for a whole slew of hard-core drugs. This is because Sudafed’s primary ingredient is pseudoephedrine which is basically amphetamine. Pseudoephedrine is often used to make meth which is why it isn’t even sold over the counter in most states. So if you have a cold the night before your drug test, don’t take Sudafed.


Azo is one of the few things that you can take over the counter that will help with a urinary tract infection. The thing about Azo though is that many people who are actually taking drugs will use it to try and beat drug test. This is because Azo basically strips your urinary tract system. Someone who actual has done drugs will take a ton of Azo to try and pass their drug test. Azo will make your urine bright red or yellow and this is usually a red flag to the person administering the test. If the test is flagged it might just go through as a false positive until it is sent to the lab or you may just have to take the test again.

And there you have it! Those are a few of the everyday things that can make you fail a drug test. Next time you know you have a test coming up make sure to stay away from these things and you should be fine. Also stay away from actual drugs. Drugs are bad.

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