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It is normal for kids to want to get away with things, whether it is coming home after curfew, skipping school and even eating the last cookie in the cookie jar. Cheating on a drug test is kind of a different matter though. If you are having to drug test your kid, chances are there have been signs of drug use in your child and that can be scary. Unfortunately, your kid is going to try to get away with using drugs too by cheating a drug test. If you are using a home drug testing kit chances are there are more flaws and this means more ways for your kid to cheat it.  Here are 5 ways your kid may be cheating a drug test:

1. Using someone else’s urine

If you suspect your kid is using drugs then chances are they are hanging out with other people who use drugs too. And kids using drugs usually band together and try to help each other. “Help”, can come in the form of urine if you are drug testing your child. Many times your kid may be cheating a drug test by getting a friend who is clean to pee for them so they can use that when you drug test them. Pay attention. If your child has to go get something before they take the drug test they may be cheating it by going to get someone else’s urine.

2. Diluting the sample

Diluting the sample is a very easy way your kid may be cheating a drug test. Diluting the urine sample means watering it down. If you aren’t physically watching your child take the drug test all they have to do is put a little bit of water in it; enough to water it down and they will pass the drug test. Many kids will do this along with drinking a lot of fluids to try and cheat a drug test.

3. Putting bleach in the sample

Bleach pretty much cleans anything it touches, the same goes for urine. Your kid may try to cheat a drug test by putting all sorts of cleaner in the urine sample including bleach. This may not make them pass the drug test but it definitely will make it inaccurate.

4. Using synthetic urine

Your kid has to have some loot on them in order to use synthetic urine. Synthetic urine can be bought at smoke shops or head shops. Smoke shops are stores that sell everything from bongs, to weed magazines, to weed culture posters, pipes, and everything a kid using drugs would need including ways to cheat a drug test. Synthetic urine can come in powdered or liquid form and unless the sample is sent off to a lab is impossible to detect. Pay attention to if your child takes a long time to take the drug test or is tampering with it in anyway. Sadly enough one of the only ways to get around them using synthetic urine is to watch them take the drug test closely or to not allow them near their belongings beforehand where they might have it ready to go just in case you decided to drug test them.

5. Using OTC meds to create false negatives

Some over-the-counter medication such as aspirin can mask drugs like THC. Many OTC medications can create a negative result on a drug test that isn’t actually accurate. Aspirin is one of the biggest OTC medications used by kids to try and cheat a drug test. This isn’t fool proof.

Honestly, there are many ways for your kid to cheat a drug test especially if it is a home testing kit you bought at your local pharmacy. The important thing for you to remember is that the drug tests are not reliable. You know your child; you know their behavior; you know the signs. If a drug test comes up negative for everything still be watchful of the other signs and symptoms of drug use and trust your instincts! Because your kid may be cheating a drug test.

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