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6 Reasons I’m Grateful to Be Clean and Sober (Even on My Worst Days)

You probably have heard this one quite a bit: “My worst day sober is better than my best day high.” And what that means is that, even though life will still show up, it’s way better dealing with it being clean and sober than high and drunk. Here are 6 reasons I’m grateful to be clean and sober (even on my worst days).

#1: I have a clear head to deal with problems that arise

I can think things out clearly and rationally rather than getting all crazy emotional and making matters worse. Man, when I look back at what I must have looked like to those around me – a raving lunatic, basically. My poor mom and friends had to walk on egg shells when they were around me because there was no telling what might set me off. Since getting clean and sober, I don’t think there’s been even one instance where I raised my voice or yelled (besides when I was at a concert).

#2: I can experience my emotions without needing to numb them out

Even on my worst days, such as losing a loved one or breaking up with my significant other, I’m grateful to be clean and sober because that means I can feel my feelings without having to get high, instead.

#3: I probably have money or else other resources to help me out when I’m in a jam  

Today, a bad day might involve leaving for work and my car breaks down. Now that I’m clean and sober, I tend to have some money in the reserves for just this thing. And if it gets to be an expensive endeavor, I have good relationships with friends and family so that they are likely to help me out (see #4).

#4: I have good – no, awesome – relationships

Such as with the boss, coworkers, friends, and family. There’s nothing like being trusted and being given the benefit of the doubt when I’m running late to work on a bad day, for instance.

#5: At least I’m not dope sick or hung over, too

I’m grateful to be clean and sober even on my worst days because that means that, as bad as my day is going, I don’t have to feel dope sick from withdrawals or have a hangover, which would just make matters so much worse.

#6: I’m not beating myself up or feeling guilty and shameful

Being clean and sober even on my worst days means that I don’t have the added guilt, shame, depression, and anxiety that always accompanied being high and/or drunk. That means, I can talk about my problem or problems with others without having to hide certain aspects, like being high, like I had to in the past. This allows me to focus on the problem at hand, think clearly (see #1) and also be able to accept love and support from others.

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