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The stresses of the modern world make it difficult to maintain a clear mind. Here are some techniques that can be used to rebalance and clear mental energies.

Go for a stroll; our minds have a strong connection to our bodies, meaning that doing certain exercises or even going to certain places changes the kind of thoughts that we have. Going for a short stroll is a great technique to clear the mind and to rebalance creative energies.

Do some mental house cleaning; sometimes the obstacle to clearing our minds is a persistent thought that keeps bugging us until we give it our attention. Often the simple action of giving attention to the thought instead of putting it off is enough to let the thought go.

It’s also possible to let go of thinking altogether. There is no need for us as human beings to be thinking all the time — but despite this most of us do. To clear the mind let go of over-focusing on the thoughts that it presents.

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