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Living a sober lifestyle by no means has to be boring. In fact, there is so much to do that does not involve alcohol and other drugs. Personally, I am having way more fun in sobriety than I ever did in the years of my active addiction. That’s because I never really wanted to go out and do things or see people.

For many people, Fall is their favorite time of year – not too hot not too cold – and there’s a certain crispness and aroma unique to the Autumn air that seems to bring on the nostalgia like no other time of year. So, have at it. Get in touch with your inner child and have a blast this Fall doing the things you used to growing up. Here’s a list to remind you in case you’ve forgotten what Fall is really about.

Corn maze – organize a group of friends and find a local corn maze and have fun getting lost in it. Or divide into teams and make it a competition to see who gets out first.

Bonfires – roasting marshmallows to make s’mores and keeping warm at the same time. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Haunted Houses – no Halloween is complete without a trip to a spooky Haunted House. There’s something about having a good scare that’s priceless. Or, you can get a good laugh out of the cheesiness of it all.

Host a sober Halloween party – hosting your own and being clear about your alcohol policy with your guests is a great way to ensure a safe and sober good time.

Rake leaves in a pile, then jump in it – I mean, what is Fall without this?!

Make/drink hot apple cider – go for a nice evening walk in the crisp air and follow it up with a mug of homemade hot apple cider to warm you up afterwards.

Carve pumpkins, make it a contest – gather friends to compete in a pumpkin carving contest. Decide on a theme first or let it be open to the creative process. Decide who will be judging. Display your finished product or donate your carved pumpkins to a local community center or youth program.

Decorate your living space with autumn/Halloween theme – get in the spirit of the Fall season by decorating your house, apartment, dorm room, halfway house with Fall- or Halloween-themed ornaments and colors.

Gathering for a scary movie marathon – get a group of friends together at the coziest of your friends’ houses and have everyone bring their favorite scary movie. Make popcorn then watch the movies back-to-back.

Host a potluck Thanksgiving dinner party – or make it a fancy dressed-up occasion, whatever floats your boat.

Got kids? – invite friends with kids over to go out trick-or-treating together. Take lots of pictures. Get dressed up in costumes, too. Remember, Halloween isn’t just for the kiddies.

Attend Fall festival – every Autumn you can find numerous Fall festivals such as a local carnival, farmer’s market, pumpkin patch and hayride event, and so on.

Throw a Fall festival block party on your street – organize a street-wide or neighborhood-wide block party complete with caramel apple dipping, face painting, and a bounce house.



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