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How can you tell if someone is on drugs

My mom used to say she could tell I was on drugs just from a mere “gut feeling”. I mean, she was my mom so this isn’t surprising. For most people their mothers know them better than anyone else. It was really cool when I got sober she also said she had a “gut feeling” that I was finally better-recovered if you will.

While my mom had a “gut feeling” about me being on drugs, there were also clear signs that pointed it out to her. And for everyone who isn’t a mother or for those who may not have a “gut feeling”, don’t worry; you can tell if someone is on drugs based on tangible signs.

If you can tell if someone is on drugs, if I can suggest something, try to get them help. I know this was done for me and it changed my life.

How can you tell if someone is on drugs?

Drug addicts try to hide the fact that they are on drugs and no matter how hard they try to do so, if you know what to look for you will always be able to tell if someone is on drugs. Depending on what drugs they are on the signs or ways to tell if someone is on drugs change a little bit but basically there are some general ways of knowing. But we are going to go over different substance briefly to give you an idea of how to tell if someone is on drugs.


Alcohol is a drug and is addictive in the same ways as illicit drugs. If you are trying to tell if someone is on alcohol you should be able to tell from the smell of alcohol on their breath but there are other signs. Sweating a lot is one of the major signs of alcohol use. Vomiting and slurred speech are others. Further ways to tell if someone is on alcohol is excessive thirst in the morning and having a difficult time waking up or functioning in the mornings.


How you can tell if someone is on cocaine is a bit easier than other drugs. Signs that someone is on cocaine include dilated pupils and the inability sleep or weird sleep patterns in general. Many cocaine users will become hyperactive, alert, start talking rapidly; have runny or bloody noses and even paranoia. Other ways to tell are finding small vials, mirrors, rolled up dollar bills, or even small mirrors and razor blades.

Ecstasy or MDMA:

The way to tell if someone is on ecstasy is to pay attention to their behavior. The users of ecstasy often are very thirsty and friendly while high. After using they tend to be agitated and irritable. You may also notice them clenching their jaw a lot.


The way to tell if someone is on heroin is to pay attention to the eyes. Someone who is on heroin or opiates in general will have pin point pupils (very small), they will have dry mouth and be very tired all the time. They have difficulty moving and may fall asleep sitting up, standing up, or pretty much anywhere-this is known as nodding off.


The way to tell if someone is on marijuana is also to pay attention to the eyes. Often times someone who is on marijuana will have red eyes and smile or laugh a lot. You may find rolling papers or pipes. Someone who is on marijuana will often sleep and eat a lot (snack foods).


The way to tell if someone is on methamphetamine is easy. They will have very strange sleeping patterns. They will be up for days and then sleep for days. Weight loss, loss of appetite, anxiety, rapid or excessive talking and dilated pupils are signs of methamphetamine use.

So now that we have overwhelmed you with all of these ways to tell if someone is on drugs let us just say this. The general way of telling if someone is on drugs is this:

Their behavior is different and almost a 180 from what they are normally. And their eyes will look different. If you are really unsure look at their sleep patterns too. It doesn’t matter what drugs the individual is on these three things will usually change if someone is on drugs especially their behavior. If you are close to the person who is on drugs you will know and be able to tell if they are on drugs. Don’t doubt yourself. Usually if you have a “gut feeling” like my mom did back in the day, it is right. Just follow that gut feeling and begin looking for other signs of drug use-usually it will make itself apparent to you and you will be able to tell if someone is on drugs.

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