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How to Detox From Alcohol

By: Rhea Rosier, Palm Partners Recovery Centers

March, 6th, 2012

Some people can detox from alcohol cold turkey with little to no withdrawal symptoms. Other people, however when they suddenly stop drinking they experience mild to severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms and this can be dangerous. The detox from alcohol is potentially fatal so it is best if you slowly withdraw from alcohol rather than just try to quit all at once. You can gradually detox from alcohol by tapering off. You can taper off by using alcohol itself or other medications. In most cases the safest way to detox from alcohol is to seek medical assistance, if you choose to do it your own this is how to detox from alcohol.


In order to detox from alcohol you must get a baseline of how much you are drinking on a daily basis. This is going to be the start of your detox from alcohol. In order to slowly detox from alcohol you must lessen the amount you drink daily from this baseline.


Beer is the best form of alcohol to use when trying to detox from alcohol. If you attempt to detox from alcohol using wine or hard liquor you might just wind up getting drunk again because these have a higher alcohol content than beer. Try to limit yourself to drinking no more alcohol than necessary when you start to detox from alcohol. Drink just enough to keep the sweats and shakes at bay. Gradually reduce the consumption of beer as you continue to detox from the alcohol. If the withdrawal is not too extreme you should be detoxed off in a day or so. Some people may, however take longer–three days or even a week. If you start to feel withdrawal symptoms again, that is a sign that your detox from alcohol is not done yet.


It is also very important when beginning to detox from alcohol off to fight dehydration and to replenish lost vitamins. If you go through a medical detox the people there may keep you hydrated with an IV and may also give you vitamin shots. If you are doing a detox from alcohol on your own, be sure to drink lots and lots of fluids and to take vitamin pills. It’s recommended that you drink Gatorade because it has balanced electrolytes. If you choose to drink water make sure that you get enough salt for electrolyte balance so that you avoid water intoxication.


The best way to detox from alcohol is obviously not to do it on your own but to seek medical attention from a detox facility. A detox facility is well equipped to handle a detox from alcohol and can make it as rapid and painless as possible while also making it much safer. Detoxing from alcohol on your own is extremely dangerous even if you know what you are doing. In order to detox from alcohol and have success is to find a detox facility that specializes in detox from alcohol.


If you or someone you know and love needs to detox from alcohol please don’t hesitate to call: 877-711-HOPE(4673) or go to

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