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There are multiple psychedelic drugs known to make people feel so high that they’ve described it as being in an alternate reality. Since the beginning of mankind, human beings have been searching for ways to escape themselves, see more, and figure out the meaning to life and in the course of that they found what are known as psychedelic drugs. Psychedelic drugs can range from mushrooms, LSD and even toads.

Psychedelic Drugs: Toads

You may be wondering how a toad can have anything to do with psychedelic drugs but some species of toad definitely fall into that category. The toads used produce psychedelic “trips” and are known as psychoactive toads. Psychoactive toads carry on their skin a poisonous substance that is in the family of bufotoxins. This psychoactive toad which carries befotenin or bufotoxins can produce psychoactive effects when it is ingested. The most common psychoactive toads are the Colorado River toad or the Sonoran Desert toad. In order to get the psychedelic drug or toxins from the toads, the toad’s glands must be milked. Milking toads doesn’t harm them and merely consists of stroking the animal under its belly in order to create the defensive poison response.

Psychedelic Drugs: Truffles

When you think of truffles you usually either think of rich chocolate balls of candy or the mushroom oil which makes foods more flavorful. These kinds of truffles, while they are for eating, are also psychedelic drugs. Truffles which most people associate with magic mushrooms are also known as the Philosopher’s Stone. The truth about truffles though is that they are nothing like their psychedelic friends the magic mushrooms. Truffles look more like a breakfast cereal rather than mushrooms although they do contain the same active psychedelic ingredient as magic mushrooms, psilocybin. According to “trippers”, truffles are a much better alternatives to mushrooms because of the very positive effects they have in comparison with magic mushrooms which can turn negative and nasty at a moment’s notice. Truffles also taste better than their psychedelic fungi friends. The effects of truffles will give you a stoned, psychedelic, and visual trip.

Psychedelic drugs: Mushrooms

Mushrooms otherwise known as magic mushrooms or shrooms, are literally mushrooms that contain psychoactive ingredients.  The main psychoactive ingredient in mushrooms is psilocybin. That is the same psychoactive ingredient that gives truffles their “special powers”.  Mushrooms containing psilocybin have been used since the beginning of time with the discovery of Mesolithic rock paintings containing picture of mushrooms. Mushrooms started off as part of religious communion, divination, and healing and slowly made their way into today’s times where they are merely used for recreational, euphoric, “trips”.  Mushrooms grow naturally in the wild but just because you can find them in a nearby cow pasture doesn’t mean they are legal. Mushrooms are totally illegal and are not even available for medical uses even though mushrooms have been shown to help with depression after a study at John Hopkins University. Mushrooms unlike truffles taste horrible because they literally grow on cow manure, and can cause severe negative hallucinations.

Regardless of what psychedelic drug it is; toads, truffles, or mushrooms are dangerous. They can cause people to suffer from fevers, dehydration, confusion, loss of control, despair psychosis, depression, and even death. . This doesn’t mean we recommend going out and licking a toad or eating any old mushroom you find on a cow patty. That can be dangerous and hallucinogenic drugs can be intense and this is only the beginning of a class of substances known as psychedelic drugs.

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