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Save Your Job, Save Your Family: Go to Drug Treatment in Florida

By Jenny Hunt, Palm Partners Recovery Center

January 30, 2012

Often the disease of addiction can have devastating consequences. It can affect our families, our jobs, and our lives. It is common for a drug addict to be unable to quit on their own. This is why going to drug treatment in Florida is so important for recovery from addiction.

Drug treatment in Florida can help a recovering drug addict repair the relationships he or she has destroyed by abusing drugs. Drug treatment in Florida can help get a career back on track and provide opportunity to continue education.

The “Florida Model” refers to the system of treatment used in most drug treatment centers in Florida. It involves an initial stage of detox, a stay in a residential treatment center, and then a period of time in a sober or halfway house. Drug treatment in Florida utilizes this gradual step down of supervision in order to improve the success of an addict or alcoholic trying to recover.

The initial phase of drug treatment in Florida – detox – usually lasts three to ten days. This part of drug treatment eliminates the physical addiction to drugs or alcohol in a safe, comfortable environment. Often the biggest obstacle to convincing a drug addict or alcoholic to get help is fear of the withdrawal from the drug or the drink. Withdrawal can be very painful, and the highest rate of relapse is observed during this phase. Drug treatment in Florida can offer a painless detox. Patients are administered medications to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal in a comfortable environment. Medical staff carefully monitors the patient to ensure that the process is very safe.

The next phase in drug treatment in Florida is a residential treatment center. This is an environment where an individual can undergo therapy for drug addiction. Drug treatment in Florida employs group and individual therapy so that the addict or alcoholic can work through the issues that caused them to drink or drug in the first place, repair relationships that have been affected by their addiction, and learn tools that will help them live a sober and drug-free life. Often, drug treatment centers in Florida offer programs for family and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. These programs help the addict and their loved ones to heal. Drug treatment in Florida also offers programs to deal with any legal or career issues at this stage. Drug treatment centers in Florida will correspond with law enforcement officials and report on the progress of an addict in treatment. Additionally, some drug treatment centers in Florida offer educational and job placement opportunities.

Finally, drug treatment in Florida encourages addicts and alcoholics to enter a sober living facility after they leave the residential treatment center. Sober living environments provide a safe and supportive place for people in recovery to live. Residents are required to attend 12-step meetings, take drug tests, and demonstrate that they are taking steps toward long-term sobriety.  Sober living houses are an interim step between residential drug treatment and living independently.

Drug treatment in Florida uses this gradual step-down of structure to give an addict or alcoholic the best chance to recover. If you or someone you know needs drug or alcohol treatment call us at (877) 711-HOPE (4673) or visit us online at

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