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Recovering from an addiction can be a difficult time for anyone and sustaining long-term sobriety even more so.  How then are we to proceed?  Luckily there is a network of long-term aftercare programs available in the South Florida area.  These programs are commonly referred to as Halfway Houses and provide the recovering addict with the best chance at long-term sustained sobriety.

There are many benefits to choosing to remain in South Florida in a Halfway House after detoxification treatment and inpatient rehabilitation.  These benefits include additional support through staff, a special feeling of camaraderie that exists among other addicts who are working out similar solutions to their problems, and a more structured sober living environment ideal for people relearning how to live normal productive lives.

South Florida halfway houses are especially beneficial as the area is so rich with recovery.  Known as the Recovery Mecca for people of all ages, South Florida is one of the most popular areas for seeking treatment and as a result offers an area full of the support needed especially in early recovery.   The high concentration of recovering addicts in the area has also resulted in a wonderfully large pool of Halfway Houses from which an addict can choose.   This variety of halfway housing gives the recovering addict the opportunity to be specific when choosing an after-care program.  South Florida halfway houses range in specifications from age to gender and also vary in level of structure and therapeutic assistance.

Structure provided by staff members at a halfway house in South Florida include requirements as basic as self-care and the cleaning of an addicts own space to the more mainstream life necessities such as seeking employment or returning to school.  These social skills aid any addict immensely in returning to society and in learning to care for their families.

The South Florida recovery community helps those seeking long-term sobriety develop friendships with their fellow recovering addicts.  Living among other recovering addicts in a structured a Halfway House sober living environment allows for fellowship and because of the experiences that residents share, strong bonds of sober friendship are then created.  These friendships help recovering addicts, who may have forgotten how to enjoy life sober to remember how beneficial the support of the right friends can be to maintaining an enjoyable and sober life.

This gradual method of mainstreaming the addict works wonders for their recovery.  By minimizing temptations and providing additional support the addict is able to grow at a pace set by his or her own abilities.  It has been proven in clinical studies that the longer an addict can separate themselves from their old life and triggers, the longer they will be able to maintain sobriety.   This is an additional benefit of choosing to remain in a South Florida Halfway House.

South Florida Halfway Houses provide an environment that is particularly effective in helping addicts recover. Most South Florida Halfway Houses are only minutes from beautiful beaches and the Atlantic Ocean. With an average annual temperature between 60 and 85 degrees, South Florida Halfway Houses are located in a climate that makes it easy to forget how hard recovery can be.  The weather and the relatively small geographic area also make transportation to and from meetings and work easy without a vehicle.

Choosing a South Florida Halfway House will optimize not only the recovering addict’s chances of retaining long-term sobriety, but also the quality of the lives they are working so hard to save.  The value of the friendships and life-skills they will come to acquire in the neatly structured sober living environments provided are undeniable.  The beautiful area and natural wonders provided by the location afford endless opportunities for sober fun, which is so important in reminding recovering addicts what life is supposed to be like and the happiness they each deserve.

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