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A Non-addictive Painkiller? Scientists at Scripps Florida in Jupiter say they've discovered a substance that promises to kill pain almost as effectively as morphine and oxycodone, but without the side effect of addiction. The analgesic is called conolidine and it has worked in... Learn More
Older Americans and Addiction, Part 2 Between the years 2000 and 2008, admissions for substance abuse treatment among those 50 and older increased by 70 percent while the overall 50-plus population grew by only 21 percent. Many experts think this may be due to “boomers” having... Learn More
Older Americans and Addiction, part 1 Now that Baby Boomers are entering their 60s or beyond, they are bringing into their golden years a propensity for addiction.  Many find that when they retire, they may start drinking more or abusing illicit drugs or prescription medications.  It... Learn More
Hookah Bars, Bad News for Young Adults A growing number of cities have instituted smoking bans in public establishments around the country.  Despite this ban on smoking, hookah bars are cropping up in urban areas like downtown cafes and near college campuses where young adults seem to... Learn More
The Cost of Illegal Drug Use Mexico, and other countries that serve as hubs for the manufacture and shipment of drugs, largely to the US, have been in business now for generations.  And with so much money to be gained from US markets, it is little... Learn More
Teens Drinking and Driving As a parent, you might tell your teen age children, “Don’t drink and drive.” But they learn best by seeing what others do including their parents. Parents set the example for their children, and if the parent drinks (even a... Learn More
Baby Boomers and Substance Abuse As Baby Boomers move into older age, substance abuse among adults 50 and older has been on the rise, according to a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration study.  It is estimated that 4.3 million American adults in the... Learn More
Alcohol Consumption Future Indicator of Marital Problems  According to a study conducted by the Indiana University School of Education, those who are dependent on alcohol tend to become separated earlier in their marriage than non-dependent individuals. This is yet another indication that alcoholism affects the lives of... Learn More
Denial of Alcoholism is as Strong as Ever  A recently released study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, (SAMHSA), shows that the majority of alcohol abusers don’t believe that they need treatment. Data from the 2006-2009 national survey shows that there are more than 7.4... Learn More
Know Your Enemy: Crystal Methamphetamine, Part 1 Crystal Meth is the common street name for methamphetamine.  Widely used in the 1960's and early '70s, it virtually disappeared in the 1980's. However, it has resurfaced on a massive scale nationwide in recent years. Meth increases arousal in the... Learn More

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