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The Top Affordable Drug Rehab

By: Rhea Rosier, Palm Partners Recovery Center

February 15th, 2012

The Top Affordable Drug Rehab is not always the drug rehab that cost the least. Sometimes it’s merely the affordable drug rehab that can fight with your insurance to get you covered so you pay little to nothing or in other words it is the drug rehab that works for you not for what they can get out of you.


These kinds of topics are frustrating sometimes because there are so many people out there who literally die before they can get help. I have multiple people on a daily basis come to me, and they need and want drug rehabilitation but cannot get it. This is usually because they have no insurance and only ten dollars total in their pocket. While these people can attend a state run facility they are not allowed the same luxuries as those of us with a way to afford treatment. These luxuries range from a specialized and very qualified staff, beautiful accommodations, and things like tai chi, acupuncture or music therapy. The system does not work for drug addicts and alcoholics most of the time. That’s why the top affordable drug rehab is the rehabilitation center that works for the addict and alcoholic. The top affordable drug rehab works and fights with insurance companies to pay their dues, it gives scholarships, and even if a client is paying out of pocket works with them not towards what they can get out of them.


The top affordable drug rehab gives treatment at a reasonable price but does not slack on the quality of their program. They keep the amenities, the hope through out their program and the knowledge of their staff at an elite level while allowing someone to experience all this at an affordable price. No one should have to wait or be unable to change his or her life because of monetary and tangible things.


I have to say right now that I have seen few other drug rehabs that do this so effectively as Palm Partners Recovery Center. Not only do they do all of which I have mentioned above, they also have a program which could arguably be one of the best out there. With things that range from dancing in the morning to change your state, to effectively creating positive change in a persons body, mind and soul, all the way to learning the exact science of the disease of addiction and alcoholism. They literally give a treatment experience that is also a life experience. Because lets face it, alcoholism and addiction is not just about drug rehab its also about life rehabilitation. This is a top affordable drug rehab. This is what it means to be THE top affordable drug rehab.


I am going to share my own personal experience now. I don’t come from a whole lot. I didn’t come from nothing, I always had the things I needed growing up but drug rehab in a lot of ways should have been out of my reach. When I was in a state detox looking for an affordable drug rehab I had found a place that wasn’t Palm Partners Recovery Center and it was way out of my family’s price range and they did nothing to really help. So I went searching again for a top affordable drug rehab. Then I came across Palm Partners, when I did, I called them and not only did they get my insurance to cover most of my stay, unlike the other place, they gave me a scholarship to pay for the rest. My drug rehab was almost free. I found peace, serenity, and the most positive changes in my life after my experience here and its still with me today all because of the kindness of what makes a drug rehab the top most affordable alcohol treatment out there.


Top affordable treatment isn’t so much about the money because you are getting something so absolutely priceless. I was meant to be here, I was meant to get sober with this place and with this family. I am so grateful. Want a top affordable drug rehab? Call Palm Partners Recovery Center NOW 877-711-HOPE(4673) or go to to speak with one of our addiction specialists.





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