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When is enough, enough? There comes a point in addiction treatment where the client and practitioner come to terms with the need for more independence outside of a clinical setting. From a strict medical perspective, a client’s treatment is given by the practitioner who works with them to ensure success. Both their expertise and the client’s willingness to follow through are equally important in the process.

Once an agreement is made that the time has come to leave a clinic or other treatment location, it is important to remain focused throughout each minute of each day on the recovery process. A friend in the self-help/improvement field actually teaches this as the center of his lectures in order to train the mind to narrow its thought process enough so that emotional and mental healing occurs subconsciously. Though it takes time and effort, both of us have seen results from this method.

Focusing your thoughts and energy can be used in everyday life. Focusing on business endeavors, controlling the words we use, what we eat, and yes, even addiction, can yield positive results. Once personal accountability and observable progress is made, the prospect of a new life is close at hand. This will build the confidence necessary to be free from addiction.

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